Thesis Anyone?

May 27th, 2008 § 4 comments

The graduate office finally sent me the approval notice for my online thesis, meaning the PDF is in the VCU archive and readable for all. I also had to make a few hard copies for the c/ms office and other various peoples, so there is also a bound version of it if anyone besides M wants to buy it from LuLu. Unfortunately it will come with a blank front signature page because I can’t tolerate the page number nightmare of trying to upload a new version, but otherwise it is very nice copy (despite the strangeness of LuLu’s sale preview). I can also email a PDF for anyone who would rather read it that way. Keep in mind I am posting this notice because friends and family alike have been asking to read–and those that have read want the final version–“precarious loss”. So, take what version you like, I only want to know what you think, if I have not already heard at length, in return. Comments can always be posted below…hint, hint, hint.

VCU Electronic Archive

Paperback Version

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  • a guzman says:

    I know, mom told me. I was recounting a story Shem used to tell, and the fact that he had it all wrong was rather funny in the context of the thesis. I, as you know, always believe what my brother tells me. I thought I footnoted that, perhaps not. Mom wanted me to change it but I like the story we remember, however little it might adhere to the facts. Did you read the whole thing already!?

  • a guzman says:

    Oh well, if you want to get all the facts right, you ought to read the footnotes!! As you can tell, my thesis is full of facts. 😉

  • occassia says:

    An historical note: Your aunts did not decide to divide the shawl; they were unanimously horrified at the idea. Great Aunt Martha, its custodian, did the dividing, with pieces going to all the Willett descendents, including I believe some you have never met.

  • occassia says:

    Who reads footnotes?

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