September 11th, 2008 § 2 comments

The Escape Artist is spreading like Kudzu. My first review has been published, and I am on the cover page as well. Critique is quite welcome.

William christenberry

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  • a guzman says:

    Thx grumpy one!

    I am glad you “got” it, as I think most good art writers, like anything else (critics I should say) are actually funny and interesting to read, not mind numbingly boring. At least the ones I like to read, perhaps I am a bit selective to avoid the trauma of rhetoric.

    I know the title sucks, but that was the editors pick and decision so I could not control it since I did not see it until it was already up. My title was “the new lecture at the new museum” as I thought that was a fun play with words, but apparently they did not think it was good for the cover title, perhaps next time I shall send them the article title and another.

    I am trying to decide what I want to cover next, I feel like I ought to use my new power (sense the sarcasm) to write about emerging artists showing in unusual places, perhaps with unusual materiality–put that fiber degree to good use! Only problem is that those things are harder to find or hear about.

    All in all I am happy, now I can say I get paid to go blah blah blah….

  • grumpyaunt says:

    Congo Rats my dear! I enjoyed your artcle. I admit I don’t ‘get’ art crit but I do think I ‘got’ what you were saying, at least the jist. Or A jist. Not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. You need a better title to show up on the cover page, ‘Panel on blah blah blah’ is not terribly inspiring. Lots of breasts on the cover page page, huh?

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