Miller vs. California

March 6th, 2007 § 0 comments

Could we put the whole “vacuous” argument between art and craft to rest with the same definition the supreme court found for pornography? “I know it when I see it?” As much as I like the idea of putting this issue to rest, I find this completely inadequate, the two I’s in the sentence worry me that everyone who sees art/craft will “know” they are seeing “it” and “it” will be different from person to person. This could be the main flaw with the collectors who came to lecture last night in the hopes of opening our eyes to what they (and others) are looking for, how they pick what they buy, and what we are going to do after school to make money. While they were an interesting couple and fine supporters of some lucky artists, sorry, “craftsmen”, their assessment of what is good/bad art sounds like it is coming from non art makers of considerable wealth—gotten I am not sure how. For them, it seemed, what they called “the hunt” was a very large part of collecting, it was not about having the work but in finding “new artists with promise”. They meant well, but my mind wandered.

If I investigated the lives of every person who died in 9/11 could I prove that there is no God? Would it in fact prove anything? (yes this does sound like The Bridge of San Louis Rey but with hope of a different outcome).

I would like to pick a season of Friends and see how many gay jokes are in each episode and compile some sort of thesis about the promotion of mainstream sexuality through the show. (you could also do one that goes the other way).

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Bruce, are you an Ass?

February 14th, 2007 § 0 comments

This is what I thought as he left my studio yesterday after my 10 minute visit with the middle aged gallery director, actually, to be honest, I thought Bruce Hoffman, you are an ass! It was strange to be able to look at the abstract concept of the masculine hierarchy dictating what is good and bad, what is interesting and what is not, and point at it in human form. His visit came at a very nice time for this blog, because the issue of who rules the world of fine art, who makes the boundaries, who draws the lines (?), has come up again and again. Of course he is not the evil God of art, but he is a carrier of this ideology.

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January 7th, 2007 § 0 comments

In preparing for my candidacy this semester, (my show or body of work that is reviewed by the entire faculty and who’s favorable outcome means that I get to stay on for my last year, although I don’t really think that they could make me leave), I have been worrying more about the materiality of the pieces I am making and how I am going to talk about them than the work; the work is making and resolving itself, so to speak. Defining it successfully within the confines of the program seems a bigger challenge, though a potentially unnecessary one. I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I go back to the two questions of my last critique because I am sure they are going to rear their ugly heads again and in a more unpleasant way—the next time I will be expected to answer.

Q. “Why are you using the materials you are using” & “How are your images fiber, or like your fiber work”?

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