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March 10th, 2007 § 4 comments

(Bush struggling in his South American tour)


“So my trip is to explain as clearly as I can that our nation is generous and compassionate, that when we see poverty, we care; that when we see illiteracy, we want to do something about it.”

I wonder if anyone in this country thinks this is true? I am glad some people, somewhere in the world, call a spade a spade, or in this case a fascist a fascist.


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  • in the same new york times there was an article on how violent crime is increasing rapidly. so it seems that even here people are feeling helpless and powerless.

  • capitalist cur says:

    I know this will put me at odds with everyone. Politically I’m redneck all the way and worry that Americans no longer have the steel in their backbone to meet a savage, harsh world head on. We are a country that was built by hard work and individualism and sense of duty to one another who lost more men in a day in some battles in the Civil War, WWI, WWII then we’ve lost in the entire time in Iraq. I do not care if America is ‘popular’. I remember how unpopular we were in France under de Gaul. They saw us as ugly, brash country bumpkins even though a few years earlier our soldiers died to free them from Hitler. Being ‘popular’ doesn’t mean anything. Each country is out to help their own citizens and that is fine. Sure our government (under both parties because greed and corruption knows no ideology and is a human foible) makes mistakes, but ever notice how our rule of law ends up ferreting it out in the end? And we kick the bums out, and then repeat the cycle with the next bunch of humans. But we manage to balance all of that instead of going on a seventy year turn at fascism (and I’m talking real fascism). My parents didn’t expect anyone else to pay their medical bills, they didn’t want the government or insurance company telling them what care they should receive. I know people who have vacation homes and belly ache because they can’t afford health insurance. It doesn’t occur to them to sell their vacation home and pay their own health insurance. I guess its because we now expect to have vacation homes. I know there are real cases of need, but I also know of so many people who made the wrong choices and if you have to answer to your local community (ie church or other organization or even family) you’ll get your act together quicker than if you don’t have to answer to a faceless government handing out my money. I have seen the education system teach a version of socialism instead of teaching our traditional values. They even form the children into ‘mediation’ groups they’re suppose to use to deal with a bully. In all cases the bully works the system, the victim is taught not to stand up and fight for themselves. In fact they get in trouble for fighting for themselves. In my youth I was a feminist. That was for equal rights and rights over our bodies, not the feminism that now teaches in high school English honor classes that Homer was probably a woman without any facts to back it up.

    I don’t want pollution to occur (even before the popularity of global warming), but Brazil’s ethanol program is built on the back of burning the Amazon rainforest in order to plant sugar cane to produce ethanol. That disturbs me. My worry is that we’re no longer able to built our infrastructure (like freeways and bridges) or go from the first orbiting satellite to landing on the moon in 12 years because we’ve lost our strength of vision. I know this is bouncing around from topic to topic, but I’m trying to show I know the issues and have different opinions then how the media informs us we should think. In Denmark last week young people from all over Europe came to riot because young people had been using a building for free, that building was sold and they were booted out. How dare someone take away their free building where they hung out. Let’s see, a society where the young people think they’re entitled to real estate for free while they don’t work or contribute to society and who have an international violent tantrum if its taken away from them. I don’t see that society fighting for freedom, democracy and I don’t see that society producing anything of value (i.e. progress in medicine, science, etc) even though it has great health care.

    No society is perfect. For every mistake of ours a mistake of theirs can be pointed out. So we shouldn’t tit for tat but look at the big picture. For all our stupidity and make us crazy policies and actual criminal intervention our country is guilty of I’m more worried we’re becoming a population that demands a guaranteed mommy state instead of rugged individualism. In a real fascist state you go to prison or death for saying anything against the government (please note Turkey just jailed a reporter for addressing an imprisoned Kurdish political activist/terrorist as Mr since Mr implies respect for the person referred to; that’s fascism when a government and legal system decides that using a word that refers to an adult male as an offense against the state).

    I’m not trying to be a butt, just that the other side is as thoughful about the issues and has come to a different conclusion.

  • and i am sorry that i actual blogger is excluded
    you should apologise to “rednecks”
    “country that was built by hard work and individualism”. let’s see the north’s economy was based on sweatshops, the south’s based on slavery the railroads were built by irish and chinese. agriculture on migrants.

    “even though a few years earlier our soldiers died to free them from hitler” except for us history texts, hitler was defeated by trying to invade russia/then the ussr – even though it said it would sit out the war. as for the yank conquering heroes the u.s. not only entered the war late but also at first couldn’t decide which side to help

    “the education system teach a version of socialism instead of teaching our traditional values” let’s deal with socialism first… i think it means when the government subsidises something so that its people don’t’ suffer. the government bailed out chrysler, thanks to the government we don’t pay the full price of gasoline, take mass transit? more government subsidies. buying a house the government subsidises in tax breaks on interest loans etc. so what part of socialism is objectionable – could it be social security? the true cost of that open heart surgery? would you prefer that the poor die? or should we follow jonathan swift’s treatise – a modest proposal – and have the poor eat their young.

    i am not worried about people with vacation homes complaining about health care, i rarely see that, i worry about the student just out of college with loan debts having to worry about being sick. i worry about the minimum wage wal-mart worker having to either get health care or food as the company doesn’t supply it.

    traditional values? this is in a country that lynched part of the population, gave another part blankets laced with small pox, yet another was interred because they looked like the enemy – no not the germans. a country while professing free speech blacklisted those who followed through, a country who to win a war dropped used two nuclear weapons on a civilian population – so far we are unique in that – killing hundreds of thousands, a country which will not sign on to the land mine treaty nor the international court of justice need i go on?

    concerning brasil and the destruction rain forest which is deplorable the thing that angers brasilians the most is the u.s. preaching when we did the same thing to the midwest, the sea of grass the eastern forest that was so dense. having no oil and not being able to afford it they came up with cars that drive on alcohol – would it have been preferable that they go to war instead? a citizen of north america uses – i am guessing here – five times the energy of someone in brasil, the economy is global so who is really deforesting the amazon – where did that hard wood furniture come from? how many miles does that car get and when was the last time someone walked?

    and we are talking about the same brasil in which the c.i.a. overthrew a leftist government and installed a dictatorship that lasted a good 25 years as they did in chile – wow cannot imagine why we aren’t liked more?

    if the u.s. is the greatest country that ever existed how come it is never at the top of any list of say, literacy, life expectancy, healthcare etc in fact the only list we seem to top is per capita incarceration.

    amongst our peers, allow me the irrationality that there are countries that hope to be like us and are doing a good job, britain, germany, israel, canada, iceland have all had women heads of government, but so has, the philipines, india, pakistan, chile, two african nations and i think but am not sure indonesia…can i stop now, we have had only men. even peru has had a president from a ethnic minority – japanese – horrible i admit but then again there is bush (we’re number one).

    while are peers are trying to work out a more representative form of democracy – proportional representation – we don’t even have direct elections for president – remember 2000? explain that to any dictator. worse there is no outcry for even a rudimentary one person one vote system.

    torture? the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it.
    terror? the trail of tears, general custer, again smallpox laden blankets, the klan, lynchings. the tuskegee experiments, rendition, no habeas corpus.

    “in denmark last week young people from all over europe came to riot because young people had been using a building for free, that building was sold and they were booted out” in the united states they lynched a black kid for talking to a white girl – emmett till, which is worse.

    nice touch with the “free real estate” in denmark, when can any first nations band expect that rent cheque?

    “i don’t see that society producing anything of value (i.e. progress in medicine, science, etc”
    the telephone – canadian
    penicillin – british
    railways – british
    first heart transplant – south african
    first man in space – soviet union – by the way the u.s. didn’t have the first orbiting satellite the u.s.s.r did
    first rocket science – modern era – german
    radioactivity – the curies – polish? french? – sorry am too lazy to look up their nationality but it wasn’t u.s.

    i’ll stop now.

  • capitalist cur says:

    I didn’t say that other countries hadn’t invented or produced anything of value. I said that I feared for the future.

    I know everything you mentioned. I guess you can either live looking only at the negative and bad and not the positive and hopeful. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Why do you only harp on the negative aspects? I say those negative aspects need to be lessons to learn from, but not to base one’s entire vision of this country. My own family endured many of these negative events you mentioned. But you go forward.

    And an amusing aside; the couple I with the vacation home run a ma/pa carpet cleaning company and inherited the vacation home and decided they’d rather keep it then pay for health insurance. They aren’t rich.

    I’d also like to say that at the end of my comment I was trying to say that thoughtful people can disagree and still respect the other side’s process of reaching a different opinion. I find it sad that I am able to say we need to agree to disagree, but am not given the same respect that I know history and have given deep thought before coming to my conclusions. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in how I wrote that part? Or am I not allowed in your version of democracy to voice my opinion if it differs from yours? I know that my view is different from the rest of the people who read this blog and wanted to give another view point.

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