NYC Galleries, Day One

November 19th, 2007 § 3 comments

Thursday, Starting at 533 W 26th

1.) James Cohen Gallery, which I did like. They were showing Folkert de Jong, a dutch sculptor who made figurative and political works.

2.) BravinLee Programs, a gallery showing the work of Argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio. “In a rush to kill painting, they forgot,” the artist said while talking about his work.

3.) Gallerie Lelong showed Kate Shepherd. Her paintings were beautiful, minimal, and delicate.

4.) Lombard-Freid was showing Mounir Fatmi‘s show titled “fuck architects chapter 1” although I am still not sure why. This was a sculptor/installation artist who grew up in Morocco and currently lives in Paris, he seemed to be using “untraditional” materials to make sculptures that deliberately altered the space of the gallery. An interesting text on the wall read “My father has lost all his teeth, now I can bite him.”

5.) Friedrich Petzel had “paintings” by Wade Guyton. His paintings are folded pieces of cloth he runs through a large Epson printer.

6.) 303 Gallery had Thomas Demand.

7.) Perry Rubenstein Gallery had a large sculpture, almost too large for the space, of a recent VCU grad Diana Al-Hadid.

8.) Tonya Bonakdar Gallery was showing Uta Barth, who’s images I really enjoyed.

9.) We ended at David Zwirner showing Thomas Ruff,

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  • as an ex-prof of mine said the great thing about nyc is that unlike other places, there are so many venues to see work that you get to make up your mind about the work – well unless you insist on hanging out in chelsea.

    maybe i am jumping the gun but did you make it to dumbo or only to the officially sanctioned galleries?

    did you see places that show work that aren’t necessarily galleries? no, i am not talking cafés etc but say printed matter.

    i tend to agree that the art world is pretty pathetic but that is mainly due to those who are artists once removed or worse those who think that a close brush with the art world makes them an artist.

  • a guzman says:

    The last remark is what I thought when I was reading essays by all the “top” gallery owners from like the 60’s onward, in a book called “The Art Dealer” or something like that. It was our pre-New York snack, and quite horrible. Apparently these people have “vision” and they are the better ones in the art world, but I still fail to see it. A part of me wants to believe in Gregory but truthfully I don’t. Poor fiber art, there was none to be seen, nothing even interesting as far as material went. I will write a different post about the actual trip, because it was really something.

  • my guess is that fibre isn’t “art” and thus won’t be seen in chelsea for if it were “art” it would be in chelsea. this is why i hinted at heading other places.

    my last paragraph was enduring meals at edward’s in tribeca where almost artists -which is like near beer – would try to be non-chalante while talking about their shows while handing out pathetic colour photocopies announcements.

    come to think of it, it did remind me of the 60’s

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